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Through my company -and its facilities- I enthusiastically offer my clients:

Sound design

Typical projects include documentaries, short films, animation, commercials and apps for miscellaneous devices. As cliche full it may sound; whatever visual format you bring me, I make it come to life. 

Music services

Results is king. Although I've been composing and producing music for more than 15 years, my abilities -limited by musical preferences- doesn't always fit the bill. Musical expression, emotional tone of the project, all comes into play. I supervise music on your terms, rooted in my own capabilities as a composer and producer, or in a comprehensive network of musicians and libraries. 

Sound mixing / Post production

Once upon a time, there were mono and stereo. Now we have iPhones, Atmos cinemas and everything in between. I take great pride in making sure your production sounds sweet, no matter where it's seen and heard. Loud n'proud for Youtube? Dynamic surround for cinema or TV? Can do.

Voiceover / ADR

There are a lot of great voices out there. To make voice actors shine and come through for a given production, they need to be recorded in a welcoming, professional atmosphere, and met with constructive dialog. I have a lot of creative and technical experience in this field.

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